WordPress site theme selection tips

WordPress site theme selection tips

WordPress site theme selection tips

It can be a tiring and difficult process to find the right WordPress gallery themes for blogs, websites, web stores etc. One of the best things about WordPress is its openness and flexibility and this has enabled thousands of specialist designers to create great themes. WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS platform when compared to Joomla and Drupal. Large availability of both free and premium themes for responsive WordPress themes makes it a challenge to find the perfect theme for your site construction.

WordPress theme requirement

A good place to get started is if you want to pay for the theme. In some cases, you need help when it pays for a long time. If you have a little design experience, it is recommended to find a good theme and change yourself.


From now on, I believe that the following steps are worth considering before choosing a theme.

What is the flexibility you need?

When you start a new site with gallery style, the flexible key is required but changes require time. Usually, it is important that the theme comes with the “real page.” With a powerful options page, the theme will only have to do everything you have to dig through the code.

How will the website or blog design affect your success?

The branded look is probably not important for a personal blog or website. Once again, a free theme will fix. The websites or blogs created for a company are different and are really needed to stand out. Keep in mind that the look and feel of your website are important for building your online brand.

Do you have templates used by many other websites?

It is worth mentioning that more than thousands of blogs are the most popular free themes. Logically it makes it more difficult to stand out, but sometimes it is also advantageous. The most commonly used themes (especially premium themes) are well supported, and it may be easy to find help if you have any problem.


Theme SEO friendly?

There is no guarantee for you to choose between free themes! The ranking of SEO capabilities of a WordPress theme is not easy unless you already have files and have good skill in SEO, PHP and HTML unless well properly!

It’s really a great opportunity to earn money

In this case, a premium theme is a good idea. They usually apply to the adult framework and come with the support that needs to be upgraded to WordPress when it’s important. If not, then the free theme should be considered as a free theme, making premium sales. The good thing about landscape WordPress themes is that you can change the theme later.

How does the theme match your company’s style

With free themes, it is not always working when the logo is included in the header, although nothing about it remains. Keep it in mind and choose the theme that you have made to ensure that style, colour etc.


Will support theme widgets?

It’s very easy to add and organize non-post and page content such as a sidebar, footer etc and adding widgets to the right places in your theme. I recommend you find themes with multiple widget zones because you need to be flexible sooner or later.

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