TV Stations in Ghana (Satellite, Digital, and Analog)

Ghana TV Stations have grown from the time we used to watch black and white (monochrome) to this day of coloured television. It’s worth checking out the complete list of TV Stations in Ghana; be it Satellite, Digital, or Analog channels.

Television can be very addictive, especially when you have some nice programs like The Miser on GTV (that was then), Kumkum Bagya on Adom TV, Yolo on TV3, etc. You don’t want to miss one you have started watching.

I am not so much into watching TVs, but I like to watch documentaries. Because of that, people who know me know that my favourite TV channel is DW TV, the German International Channel.

You get Analog TV Channels on Analog TVS (Cathode Ray Tubes). Digital Stations can be viewed on Digital TVs (Led, Smart, and Plasma TVs). You can also get digital channels on Analog TVs when you combine it with a decoder; like the Quality Decoder from Syndicated Capital.

Satellite TV Stations can be watched on Satellite TVs (Led, Smart, and Plasma TVs). Please note that; not all Plasma, and Led TVs to get Satellite Channels. You may need to verify before buying.

The best of these three TV types is the Smart TV. You can do a lot with it compared with the other two: Followed by the Led, and then the Plasma. Don’t worry about me: I’m not going to talk about Analog TVs.

Now check out the list of Ghana TV Stations.

Ghana TV Stations – List of TV Stations in Ghana

Analogue TV Stations in Ghana

  1. GTV – State-owned national TV operated by Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.
  2. TV3
  3. Viasat 1
  4. GHOne
  5. UTV
  6. Net2
  7. Metro TV
  8. eTV Ghana
  9. TV Africa
  10. Crystal TV – Ghana’s first private TV station
    • Crystal Prime
    • Extra, and
    • Crystal Plus


Digital Channels in Ghana

  1. GTV Sports+
  2. GTV
  3. GBC 24
  4. GTV Life
  5. GTV Government
  6. TV XYZ
  7. Oceans TV
  8. 4Syte TV
  9. TV 7
  10. Praise TV
  11. Agoo TV
  12. Angel TV
  13. Max TV
  14. Family TV
  15. Homebase TV
  16. Kantanka TV
  17. Atinka TV
  18. UTV
  19. Aljazeera
  20. Metro TV
  21. Adom TV
  22. Obonu TV
  23. Smile TV
  24. ATV
  25. Rhema TV
  26. Joy Prime

Free To Air Channels on Satellite TVs or Decoders (Multi Choice)

  1. TV XYZ
  2. Dominion TV
  3. ECN (DW TV)
  4. TV Gold
  5. GH One
  6. Angel TV
  7. Joy Prime
  8. TV3
  9. ZTV
  10. Kessben TV
  11. Pan African TV
  12. Atinka TV
  13. Ice TV
  14. ATV
  15. Precious TV
  16. Joy News
  17. Cine Plus (Formerly Cine Afrik)
  18. Galaxy TV (Nigeria)
  19. Adehye TV
  20. Royal TV
  21. YES TV
  22. Adom TV
  23. Rhema TV
  24. GTV
  25. Rejoice TV
  26. FNN
  27. Zoe TV
  28. Mediation TV
  29. Rescue TV
  30. AMEN TV

Programs that Ghanaians Like to Watch Most on TV

  1. Telenovelas
  2. Action Movies
  3. News
  4. Sports

Most Watched TV Stations in Ghana (2017)

  1. TV3
  2. Adom TV
  3. GTV
  4. UTV
  5. Viasat 1
  6. TV XYZ

Please note that the above statistics were done by the Website Ghana team. We had to use our own online research, statistics, and popularity of TV Channel brands to come out with this.

Ghanaians usually like to watch these Ghana TV stations during public holidays. If you find yourself lonely at home, you can keep yourself company with some of these entertaining channels.

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