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Frequently Asked Questions About Max Products

I have sampled some frequently asked questions about Max International products. Check them out. These can guide you on how to best take the products.

QUESTION: Do Max products have side effects?

ANSWER: No, however, there are typically three things that could happen.

  1. About 10 to 15% may experience a detox effect as max products raise glutathione and glutathione is the master detoxifier. This might feel like a headache, flu-like symptoms (aches & pains, tired), or bathroom issues. Drink a lot of water and it should usually go away in a few days. If too uncomfortable you can reduce the dose to one capsule once it twice per day and work your way up to the normal 2 capsules twice per day after 3 or 4 days.
  2. Someone may have an allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients in Cellgevity. You might notice this as a rash that does not go away for some days. If this happens then switch to MaxOne, our pure RiboCeine product and it should be fine
  3. Max N-Fuze and ATP both have niacin as one ingredient. For a small per cent of people, they may experience a Niacin flush which will typically feel like heat or tingling or a bit of rash on the skin. This is harmless and will go away in an hour or so. It will usually no longer happen if you take food or once your body gets used to the products. If it happens then next time take half a dose and work your way up to the full dose of one sachet.

QUESTION: Are there standard prescriptive medicines, or food/drink that don’t mix well with Max products?

ANSWER: There is no issue with any food, drink, or medication except for two that we commonly talk about.

  1. We don’t recommend taking cellgevity while undergoing chemo or radiation as glutathione is protective and you want to allow their treatments to do their work. However taking Cellgevity up to 48 hours before and 48 hours after a treatment will help protect the tissues and organs around the cancer site. We have published studies on radiation protection.
  2. When taking blood thinners the person should monitor their blood as glutathione will also help to oxygenate the blood and so most often people can begin to reduce their medications under the guidance of their doctor, as we have seen with other conditions

QUESTION: Aside from pregnant and nursing women, is there anyone who should not take Max products?

ANSWER: We must say that Max products are not meant for pregnant or nursing women or children as products are not tested on these groups. All nutritional supplement companies in the US must put this disclaimer on their packaging.

These groups can take NFuze as NFuze includes vitamins only, but otherwise, we should not be recommending Max products to these audiences. If their Doctor chooses to recommend a Max product a Doctor may do so for their patient based on their knowledge of the patients’ condition and what raising glutathione may do for the patient. Otherwise, we should not be recommending products to these groups.

Otherwise, Max products are fine for anyone from age 18 to 100. Most of us would also be comfortable giving Max products to any teenager who is adult size if they need support with studying, energy or sports performance.

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