PayPal Registration Without Changing Your IP Address

Forget about IP addresses, you can create PayPal accounts without changing your IP address. A lot of people still think you need to change your IP address to confuse the PayPal system that you are not in a PayPal blacklisted country. PayPal Registration can be done without changing your IP Address.

PayPal Registration Without Changing Your IP Address

When I wrote this article about PayPal Ghana, I stated emphatically that US citizens who are in Ghana at the moment still access their PayPal accounts without changing their IP address. The same applies to UK citizens, Nigerians, South Africans, and people in Togo.

If people from these countries can log into their accounts while their IP addresses are recognized by PayPal, then what should stop you from creating your PayPal account without changing your IP address?

The issue with IP addresses can only come into play when you open the PayPal site for the first time. Your location may be available hence PayPal gives you a version of their site that fits into your language.

For instance, if you visit PayPal from Togo, you would be provided with a French version since your IP tells PayPal that you are visiting from a French-speaking country.

So now what? You can create your PayPal account without changing your IP address. Forget those myths and start enjoying eCommerce right from Ghana.

Do You Need VPNs When Creating a PayPal Account?

What is a VPN?

According to IBTimes,

A VPN is a privacy tool that enables a device to send and receive information across a public network as if it was connected directly to a private network. In essence, it obscures the true location of the device and makes it appear as though its activity it coming from another network. Think of it as a sort of firewall for your online activities.

So the question is; do you need a VPN in order to create a PayPal account?

No, you don’t need VPNs or anything that will block site owners from seeing you as coming from Ghana. Good news is; even while creating your account from other countries other than Ghana, PayPal gives you the option of choosing Ghana as your country. Cool, isn’t it? This can allow you to set your own home address; I mean your Ghanaian address without fear of your account being banned.

Buy a PayPal Account in Ghana

Now, this is a cool deal. I am actually not selling PayPal accounts in Ghana. But I can create a PayPal Account for you for a cool 100 cedis. After which I will show you how to log in, secure your account, and link a card from your bank. I will also show you how to send money, receive money, and make secure payments from your account.

Not only from Ghana; you can call me from any country you are reading this from. Just hit me on +233 54 839 4152 or send me a message on WhatsApp, and get your PayPal account set up within one working day.

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