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What you Should Know About GreenGeeks, Offering 70% Discount

How GreenGeeks is helping the Environment.

  • EcoSite Lite: $2.49/month on a 36 month term.
  • EcoSite Pro: $4.95/month on a 36 month term.
  • EcoSite Premium: $8.95/month on a 36 month term.

Get Started Now GreenGeeks

The internet we use that create overheating and our 40% of energy is spent to prevent overheating.

Do you know the internet is the fastest-growing carbon polluting industry?

Environmental problems are steadily increasing.

Let’s get together and help to reduce pollution and move our business towards a new and beautiful environment so that our earth become pollution-free and we take our business to digital, we know today the digital is the part of our life. Digital platforms are now a very important part of our life, so we have to go with it but also keep our environment clean.

GreenGeeks’ Commitment to Help Solve This Problem

GreenGeeks is the 300% Green Web Hosting powered by Renewable Energy. GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting which is very valuable for our environment.

Advantages of Green web hosting

  • Reduce impact on Environment:- By installing an eco-friendly web hosting we can save energy and reduce the carbon footprint for our environmental health.
  • Cost-effective:- Eco-friendly web hosting is beneficial and also an affordable, this is the special thing of renewable energy which we get from our nature.
  • Enhance your brand reputation:- Reputation of the company is very important nowadays if your company care about environmental things the society promote your company because your company is helping to society and it makes a positive impact on the environment. There are also more benefits which you will get from society.

GreenGeeks is the world’s no.1 eco-friendly web hosting


How we can contribute to the environment digitally?

Now you are reading this article on the website, In this era, everybody needs a website, if you want to make a website for your business or a blog, just use any Green Web Hosting. But I recommend GreenGeeks, why because this is the No1. green and eco-friendly web hosting, you can easily make a website on WordPress by choosing GreenGeeks WordPress hosting.

The goal is to make the world as environmentally friendly as possible. GreenGeeks pricing’s are very affordable and their plans include so many useful features. They offer a variety of hosting plans for everyone from beginners to big companies.

Lite version:- This is best for the beginners you can host 1 website and with unlimited Web Space, Free Domain, Free SSL(security lock), Free CDN(this boosts up your site speed) with green energy and 24/7 Technical support and with Free website migration( just contact GreenGeeks technical specialists they move your website for you, free of charge).

If you buy Lite version for:-

  • 1 year your cost will be $4.95 per month total = $59.4 (If budget is low)
  • 2 years your cost will be $3.95 per month total = $94.8
  • 3 years your cost will be $2.95 per month total = $106.2(recommended)

If you compare with other Top web hosting companies with GreenGeeks, this is affordable for beginners as well as for big companies.

Launch your website with GreenGeeks

Launch your website by using Drag & Drop Website Builder or content management systems WordPress.

  • Best performance
  • 99% uptime
  • 24/7 support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free CDN


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