How Online Job Boards are Helping Ghanaian Job Seekers

How Online Job Boards are Helping Ghanaian Job Seekers,

As days gradually pass by, I can’t help but think about the numerous responsibilities that await me. They really scare me. Yes, they do. It’s sometimes sad when people around you feel everything is going on well with you but forget that as they look up to you, you’ve also got your own problems to solve.

This usually happens after the completion of your degree course at the university, where everyone expects you to start working and earn some income so that they can also benefit from it.

Getting employed is not as easy as we see it. From looking for jobs to applying and attending interviews where you wouldn’t even be called back, hmmm.

In Ghana, for instance, about seventy per cent of already employed workers are either actively looking or interested in finding a new job or position.

For many, the process of finding a job is very tedious. Fresh graduates looking for employment are also faced with different challenges altogether.

Awkwardly, the available job vacancies that are published in newspapers or advertised on radio and television (electronic media) are very limited and only target some selected sectors.

Some job seekers even complain about how job ads in the print media only serve as a formality since relatives of the staff of that particular organization might have applied and be recruited already.

Most existing job boards ensure that the vacancies really exist before they post the job ad for candidates to apply. Gone are the days when employees had to go round looking for jobs and physically hand their curriculum vitae (resume) to prospective employers.

This prevented many people from finding jobs with ease. Thanks to the existence of job boards like Jobberman, Wealth Bankers Job Arena, and the likes.

Employers and employees no longer have to suffer like they used to. African job seekers now have access by means of a laptop, mobile phones or to a frill of recruitment websites that offer up to thousands of different vacancies each day through online job boards.

Some organisations have their own websites and are able to post their ads including job vacancies for qualified candidates to apply. Those without websites advertise their job vacancies through online job sites.

Even those companies with their own websites sometimes prefer to use popular existing job boards in order to get employees to fill job vacancies within the shortest possible time. This makes it less difficult for employers to locate employees and it also saves time for both.


An Online Job Board

A job board is an employment website that allows employers to post jobs, together with their requirements and qualifications for candidates to apply. Some of these websites allow candidates to register and post their resumes online.

Employers are also able to post their job ads for free or sometimes for a fee. Gradually, these websites are helping to control high rate of unemployment in the country.

Employees do not have to sweat with their resumes in their hands going round to look for jobs. Times have changed and the way of getting employed too has changed.

It’s been made easier through the birth of online job posting sites. Candidates looking for jobs are able to upload their resumes on some of these websites for employers to see.

It makes the hiring process also easy since it allows employers to navigate through the information provided in order to find the ideal candidate to match the role or talents that they are looking for.

Irrespective of the location of the job or the niches, even secluded areas can be accessed with ease.

These job boards are gradually helping to increase the employment rate among the youth in Africa. It has made job hunting so easy that you can stay in the comfort of your room and with access to the internet, you can find a job online and get employed.

Try looking for your dream job on an online job board today and see how easy it is. When compared to the outmoded way of carrying and distributing paper application letters to prospective employers, you will know that online job boards have actually come to save us time and energy.

They’ve also saved you from wasting your time on jobs that do not exist or positions that have already been taken.

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