List of roofing companies in Ghana

Ghana’s search for and demand for contemporary and ornamental roofing companies has developed a cult among businesses. A fleet of fresh and existing roofing companies in Ghana have come up with alternatives such as IDT roofing system, IBR roofing system, Colorbond roofing Sheets and transparent roofing system to cater for roofing systems installations in Ghana. These businesses offer nearly all feasible roofing alternatives. what will be its life-cycle and which company is the best to serve their needs.

List of roofing companies in Ghana

We’ve come up with the list of roofing sheet companies in Ghana. Let’s study them and see what makes them special.

  1. Iridak roofing system



Source: iridakroof.com

Irdak is a reputable company in the Ghanaian roofing market and it provides roofing sheets for both residential as well as commercial purposes. Irdak with the help of its top-notch roofing solutions has become the top choice among builders for their existing and upcoming residential and commercial projects. The product portfolio of Irdak includes Clean Colorbond Sheets, IBR sheets, self-locking sheets and long tile roofing sheets. Apart from roofing sheets Irdak also provides Light Steel Frames and roofing strips to its users and takes precautionary measures with aluzinc for producing durable roofing sheets.

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Contact Details

  • Telephone: 0203626592
  • Email: sales@iridakroof.com
  • Address: Amrahia Baron Junction, Off Adenta – Dodowa – RD


2. Manglad roofing system


Source: mangladroofingsystems.com

 Started in 2009, by two like-minded people who understood the technology involved in creating a long-lasting roofing system, this company boasts of producing roofing systems which can last for a lifetime. The company manufactures roofing sheets with aluminium and aluzinc materials and incorporates anti-corrosive properties in their sheets to enhance its durability. Roofs produced by Manglad roofing systems are affordable and are currently among one of the best roofing systems in Ghana. Mangled provides long span roofing solutions and are available in multi-colour.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +233(0)30-292-9707
  • Email: info@mangladroofingsystems.com
  • Address: P. O. Box TS 15, Teshie, Accra-Ghana.
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3. Raincoat roofing system 


Source: raincoatroofingsystems.com

Raincoat Roofing Systems is the largest provider of colourbond roofing material in Ghana. It provides roofing sheets to individual homeowners, private and public sector companies. Raincoat roofing system believes in providing high-quality roofing sheets with the use of cutting edge technology and deals with multi-colour roofing sheets.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +233 (0)50 7410597
  • EMail: Info@raincoatroofingsystems.com
  • Address: Post Office Box Os 2090 Osu-Accra
4. Rocksters roofing

Source: rockstersgroup.com

Rocksters Roofing offers 100% aluminium and aluzinc roofing sheets, licensed under BIES International in the USA. The company provides roofing systems at affordable prices and have an experience of more than 19 years in the manufacturing and installation of roofing sheets in Ghana. Rocksters portfolio includes roofing sheets like aluminium and aluzinc sheets along with AD1 and roof tiles.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +233 302 410 866.
  • Email:info@rockstersgroup.com
  • Address: Off Achimota-Nsawam road. Taifa Junction. Ga West District. Accra- Ghana 
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5. Domod roofing system

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

Source: www.domodroof.com

Domod provides premium roofing sheet solutions for companies and buildings in Ghana. Domod takes care of multiple works from installation to measurement to fabrication. Domod believes in providing high-quality services to its clients and stands as a premium manufacturer and supplier of DTS and DLT roofing sheets.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +233 (0) 302 667 355
  • Email: info@domodroof.com
  • Address: B103 Ring Road Industrial Area, Abossey Okai Road Ghana West Africa 
6. DBS roofing Ghana

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

Source: dbsghana.com

DBS Roofing Ghana is Ghana’s major roofing sheet and roofing equipment company. The business has over 20 years of roofing facilities expertise. DBS provides high-quality roofing plates to its clients at inexpensive rates. DBS currently has a varied collection of various roofing sheets and roofing equipment to provide IBR, IDT, self-locking sheets and various trusses. DBS holds the certification of ABCEGH and has worked with more than 300 contractors across Ghana.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: 0543286633
  • Email: info@dbsghana.com
  • Address: DBS Ind. Limited, P.O Box 3639, Kumasi – Ghana 


7. Brightee company limited

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

Source: brighteeroofingsupply.com

Brightee Company Limited is your one-stop alternative for the requirements of roofing aluminium sheets and equipment for roofing. Located right in the core of Greater Accra, the firm serves nations like Togo, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso with quality roofing covers manufactured to last long. Company product profiles include IBR, Step Tile, Self- Lock and Standing Seam and come in various gauges, lengths and colours to match customers roofing specifications.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: (233)-20-2088203
  • Email: info@brighteeroofingsupply.com
  • Address: Brightee Company Limited, Accra-Aflao Road, Community 25, Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana


8. Bigbond roofing system

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

Source: www.bbrghana.com

The company was established in January 2012 and is located in the north industrial area near Kinaphama Ltd. The company is on a mission to create an efficient and legendary impact in the roofing industry by providing ITD, IBR sheets, step tiles and various roofing sheets. Big Bond Roofing Systems Limited are producers of quality pre-painted aluzinc long span and short span roofing sheets which come in various profiles, gauges (thickness), colours and accessories with elegance and nobility to give your building a unique aesthetic value.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +233-(0)-302268261
  • Email: enquiries@bbrghana.com
  • Address: P.O. BOX GPO 2720 ACCRA-GHANA 
9. Dophil roofing system

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

Source: DophilRoofing.com

Dophil is rapidly growing roofing business. Dophil corrugates, estimates and installs roofing plates, and in his job is highly professional. According to Dophil, their method of installation brings out an outstanding beauty in any building they work on.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: 233 54 366 1716
  • Email:info@dophilroofingsystems.com
  • Address: Trinity Avenue (Behind Allied Petrol Station), East Legon, Accra, Ghana


10.Troysteel roofing system

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

Source: troysteel.com

Troysteel co. Ltd. is one of Ghana’s leaders in the domestic, industrial and commercial roofing specializing in multi-range of roofing sheets. Troysteel produces quality roofing sheets and accessories that are best of their kind. Troysteel boasts an unbeatable record and reputation for excellence, having its product portfolio of IBR roofing sheets, steel tiles roofing sheets, self-locking roofing sheets, fibreglass roofing sheets and IDT roofing sheets.

Contact Details

  • Telephone:(+233) 0302 850 802
  • Email id: info@troysteel.com
  • Address: Off Accra-Kasoa Road 
11. Asangod roofing system Ltd

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana, Ghana, Roofing Sheets, Colorbond

source: asangod.com

Asangod Roofing Systems Limited is one of the leading producers of excellent quality colour-bond and plain roofing materials in Ghana. Over the last 10 years, the company has gained a lot of positive feedback from the customer and has specialization in the corrugation of aluminium, zincalume, galvanised and other materials for the public and private developers. Its roofing system products include BR roofing sheets, galvanized roofing sheets, aluminium roofing sheets transparent fibre roofing sheets and IDT roofing sheets.

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +233 24 322 6066
  • Email: info@asangod.com
  • Address: Kutunse Near Satellite Station, Accra, Accra, Accra Metropolitan, Greater Accra, Ghana

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