Where Is The Google Adsense Western Union Test Question/Answer?

Know where to locate Google Adsense Western Union Test Question

Answer – A Test Question and its Answer are part of what one must present at the Western Union Branch when its time to Withdraw/Cash in the Google Adsense earnings by publishers from countries most especially in Africa where Western Union Quick Cash is supported, unlike other countries which have the different payment forms, for example, the Electronic Funds Transfer, Wire Transfers, Checks (Cheques) and Bank Transfer. And without the test question and its answer, one will never be in the position of withdrawing his or her earnings even when having the correct Money Transfer Control Number which is the 10 digit money transfer control number.

Before sometime back around April 2013, Google Adsense Publishers were required to provide their Adsense ID as the security question while the Adsense ID numbers used to serve as the security answer but not anymore after Google made some changes with regard to what the test question was and what the test answer was, something which saw many Adsense publishers and still many of them failing to locate what the new test question and answer were and is

Whether you are an existing Adsense Publisher but still stuck of what the question and answer are, or even being a new Adsense publisher but provided you are from the Western Union Quick Cash supported countries, then you are the one who should read this article since in the next few lines, you will be able to discover what you have been looking for is and below we go.

1. Test/Secret Question – Your Billing ID

2. Answer to Test Question – Your Billing ID Numbers (the 12 digit numbers next to your Billing ID in format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

The rest including the MTCN and sender address remain unchanged

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