How to Download YouTube Videos Online

How to Download YouTube Videos Online

It is very easy to download videos from YouTube. I am going to show you how to download YouTube videos online following these simple methods.

No coding required. No time wasting involved. Just a simple trick can get your videos from YouTube straight onto your hard drive.

There are different ways on how to download YouTube Videos. This tutorial is going to cover the simplest ones.

How to Download Youtube Videos Online

Follow the steps below to download YouTube videos:

  1. Copy the video URL
  2. Open in a new tab of your browser
  3. Paste the copied video URL and paste it into a space provided on the website in step 2
  4. Wait to see a preview and download button.

There is also a Google Chrome Extension for quicker access. This can be found on the same website. After installing, the download button would show on any video you come across. Be it on Facebook or YouTube.

youtube download button

If your URL fails to make the request in step 4, Follow the next procedure below.

Download YouTube Videos Online With Ummy Video Downloader

You can also download videos with this awesome software – Ummy Video Downloader.

  1. Visit to download the software.
  2. Install on your pc.
  3. Visit any YouTube video, copy the link and paste it into the software to download the video.

Why Should You Download Videos from YouTube?

youtube internet data charges

If you don’t know how much data you are spending each minute on YouTube videos, check out the picture on your right.

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