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Telegram is often seen as an alternative to WhatsApp. But there are many aspects where Telegram outperform WhatsApp like in movies. Yes, and one of the many things you can do on Telegram and Whatsapp would not be able to implement for a long time to come is downloading full-length movies and series.

So Telegram has what they call Groups and Channels.

Groups would correspond to Whatsapp group but Telegram allows for up to 200,000 persons in a single group where Whatsapp allows only 256 persons. Individuals can be added to this group by the admin or using an invite like (Just like Whatsapp).

Telegram Channel, on the other hand, will be similar to Whatsapp Broadcast but not similar in terms of the number of contacts one can add to a Telegram Channel. While Whatsapp limits the number of 256 contacts to send a broadcast message and users will only receive your message if your number is saved on their Phone. On the other hand, Telegram has no limit to the number of contacts you can send a broadcast to.

I would address the Similarity and Difference between Telegram and Whatsapp in a later post.

Now to the reason for our post. Here is how to download Movies or Series on Telegram.

There are numerous channels on Telegram that allows it broadcast list to download Movies/Series much Simpler and Easier.

Note: Some of the movies/series may be pirated.

Here is a list of Channels for that:

A simple search of Telegram Movie Channel on any search engine (eg Google) will bring up many options. You can join the channels to see what they offer and if you are no interested, you can leave the channel.

And that brings me to another point that for Telegram Channel, Individuals can join the broadcast list and not necessarily the creator of the list only.


Source: MicroTek

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