The App That Caused Chaos At the Iowa Caucuses

Below is a link to the mobile application that causes chaos at the just ended Democratic Party (US) election in Iowa.

The Iowa caucuses are biennial electoral events for members of the Democratic and Republican Parties in the U.S. state of Iowa. Unlike primary elections in most other U.S. states, where registered voters go to polling places to cast ballots, Iowans instead gather at local caucus meetings to discuss and vote on the candidates .

The app itself was developed by a for-profit company called Shadow Inc., which has financial ties to numerous Democratic political campaigns and was primarily funded by the progressive nonprofit Acronym. According to numerous reports since the app malfunctioned on the night of the Iowa Caucuses, the software was hastily put together by people lacking adequate technical experience and rushed out the door in less than two months time.

And in addition, Shadow Inc. instead of going through proper app store review processes conducted by Apple and Google, rather used beta testing platforms like Apple’s Test-flight to distribute the software so it could meet deadline. So when it came time for the app to do its most critical role it accomplished nothing.

The issues of the included the following:

  1. Some users could not download the application.
  2. Others after downloading had issues with log in.
  3. And the lucky few who where able to download and by pass the log in stage, where stuck with a buggy and non-responsive UI.


Source: MicroTek

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